Who We Are

Specialising in content creation, STBG aims to be the best content provider in the region. We innovate new experiences by using the latest digital technology to excite our audiences. Our team has the passion and plethora of experiences to ensure our content is sensational, thrilling, bold and grand.

STBG is the exclusive representative of KLive, LiveSketchbook, D’strict Kids Solution, YG Exhibition, G-Dragon Peaceminusone, Stikus and more for the South East Asian Region.

More than Just

Content Creation

Apart from getting a good message across, we strive to work together with our partners to make a lasting impact on brand influences. Our expertise lies in exploring revolutionary technology and flexible customisation to discover creative solutions.


Experience is Believing

Here’s the fun part – we then augment your content with an interactive layer. When audiences interact with your content, they enjoy the entire experience on a much more personal level.

A Myriad of Possibilities

Weaving content creation and interactive digital solutions together, audiences can expect to receive extraordinary experiences. Our style of content creation allows you to craft new bonds with your audiences, so your brand can be more engaged in their decision-making processes.

By turning ideas into rich and vibrant experiences, your content can become influential.

We set the trend for the future of content creation.

Our Partners

We’re not an agency-for-hire. We’re collaborators.

STBG teams up with establishments who are keen on breaking boundaries with fresh ideas.