We've had the honour of delivering some great concepts with some of the greatest brands in the world.

City Hall: If Walls Could Talk
STBG has completed the exhibition City Hall: If Walls Could Talk, as part of the Singapore Bicentennial commemoration, which was successfully launched by National Gallery Singapore on 31 August 2019.

Audiences can look forward to an immersive multimedia experience that combines art with stories inspired by key events that took place around the City Hall building, and within its grand City Hall Chamber.

It will be the first long-term exhibition to be held in the Chamber. The exhibition runs from 1 September 2019 to August 2021.
The largest tourist attraction in Jeju Island, Korea. Combining hyper-realistic holographic videos, media facades and strong content, visitors are presented with the best K-Pop experience ever.
STBG SLS Las Vegas
SLS Las Vegas
Working with renowned American architecture firm Gensler and French designer Philippe Starck, the Sahara Hotel (in operation 1952-2011) went though a major conversion to become the impressive hotel it is today.
Korea’s Presidential Election: Media Facade
In December 2012, Korea’s largest media façade was displayed by KBS at Gwanghwamun Plaza for the live vote counting of the 18th Presidential Election. 90 metres wide and 60 metres high, it created a brand new visual experience for the large crowd gathered outside the plaza.
Live Sketchbook
In January 2013, our 4D Kids Platform’s product Live Sketchbook was installed in Nuridream Square Digital Pavilion Exhibit Hall, located in Sangam-dong, Korea. As the name suggests, the Live Sketchbook allowed the creativity of both children and adults to flow by utilising motion-recognition technology, and applying it on a grand scale.
Tiffany & Co: Blue Is The Colour of Dreams
A next-generation 4D stereoscopic outdoor performance was presented to celebrate the opening of Tiffany & Co's largest flagship store in Beijing, China. The walls of the building were used as projection screens.
Alexander McQueen
Together with Alexander McQueen's Creative Director, Sarah Burton, we launched our interactive platforms Stikus Frame and Smart Mirror in McQ's first flagship store in Dover Street, London in September 2012.
K-Live is the world’s first hologram performance hall dedicated to K-Pop. Combining Korea’s top K-pop material with revolutionary digital technology, K-Live provides a brand new way of experiencing K-Pop.
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